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Why JOVAservice?

Why count on us?

The quality of our services is what makes our company stand out from the rest in the field. 
Also, all the employers are 
practicing christian from Christian society and Churches, 
reference-checked, and fully-trained to deliver flawless results and qualified to carry out any necessary tasks, related to the service. 

Every one in our team is English-speaking, friendly and reliable. They've been background-checked and interviewed in-person (which includes a criminal record check).All professionals go through a strict selection process to ensure we work only with the best available.

Our employees enjoy working for JOVAservice and we have found happy Team means happy customers.

We pride ourselves on being proactive and we understand it’s more efficient if we report problems to you first along with solutions. Indeed our staff are incentivised to report issues from their sites.

Annual quality audits for each site are carried out by our own auditor, the Company Quality Manager, to ensure that all processes are being followed and our employees treated equally.

We were founded on the traditional values of customer satisfaction, hard work and dedication. 
JOVAservice Professional , we’ll give you the attention and quality service you’ll come to expect and enjoy..

We provide you with reliable services and offer a wide range of professional solutions for all kinds of needs. 

Our services come with many benefits for you including:
  • 24/7 phone lines and around-the-clock customer service;
  • Flexible booking slots that include evenings and weekends appointments;
  • Suitable for both privat and commercial need;
  • Professional advice and examination of your premises;
  • Competitive prices and special rates on multiple-service requests;
  • Wide service coverage.