Adultcare assistance

Stay at home with your own live in JOVAservice - Personal Assistant. Call now to book a free consultation.

We are always here to lend a hand. You don’t need to do it alone.

JOVAservice personal assistants are trained for your specific needs. Looking after you as if they are a part of your family.

Trained to the highest standards to enhance quality of life.

Personal assistants also known as personal aides are trained in-home caregivers that can help with a range of activities including daily living and chores, not to mention companionship. When you have multiple appointments or shopping and chores, having a personal assistant by your side can give you independence. The sky is the limit for the services we can provide to the elderly. The focus is on helping you maintain the quality of your life and making your life even better than before on your own terms.

A side note about Personal Assistant

Personal Care assistants are sometimes confused with Elderly Care companions but there are some main differences. It is important to note that Personal Care assistants do not provide medical services such as Diabetes Care, but may help administering prescribed medications and with proper training, can help those with Mobility limitations.

Personal assistance

      • Can be available 24/7 with flexible working schedules
      • Help to plan and make travel arrangements
      • Run errands and make deliveries
      • Scheduling & arranging social activities
      • Assistance with paperwork
      • Maintenance and organization of the home

We are just a call away

      • 💚 Emergency 24hr help for clients
      • 💚 Immediate start available
      • 💚 Regular quality monitoring
      • 💚 Detailed care management
      • 💚 High collaboration with the family

Lifestyle support

      • Reminders to take medication
      • Housekeeping and organization of the home
      • Changing of bed sheets and laundry
      • Cooking meals according to your dietary requirements
      • Personal chauffeur
      • Assistance with light fitness and outdoor recreation