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Childcare - Nanny - Babysitting

JOVAservice caters for short to long term childcare placements, full time, part time, before and after school care.

Choosing the right nanny to care for your children is one of the most important decisions you will make. JOVAservice is here to make this process efficient and easy. We have an extensive database of professional available to meet your childcare requirements today.

Whether you are looking to employ or contract a full time, part time, temporary nanny, after school or even an overnight nanny - we are here to find the right childcare solutions for your family. Our consultants are here to help with you needs.

The Process

When we receives your request we will forward suitable nannies profiles onto you for your viewing - their profile will cover their experience, qualifications and most importantly an insight about themselves i.e. hobbies, interests etc.

Once you have selected which candidates you wish to interview, JOVAservice will provide a interview for the employment contract, payroll services or any general enquiries.

Our employers

Are experienced professional childcare workers; they generally have formal qualifications in the early childhood sector, along with years of hands on experience. 💚 They are employed to provide education and care for your children, stimulate your children's physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth through play and activities in a nurturing, loving environment. 💚 Daily tasks for a nanny can include feeding, bathing, dressing, outings, pick up & drop off, general household chores, meal preparation and all child related duties. 💚 Primarily the nanny is employed to provide your child with their physical, emotional and developmental needs💚


The benefits of employing a nanny are numerous, perhaps the most significant benefit is knowing that your child will feel secure in their own environment and that they are being given one to one specialist attention.

Our consultants are here to help with your needs...

Overnight Service

Are you going away for the weekend and require a nanny to stay overnight and care for the children? JOVAservice can supply nannies for overnight, weekend or even week long stays. We also supply over night nannies to, so you can attend that holiday, business trip or if you just require a good night sleep.

Whatever your reasons are it is nice to know that you can book yourself an overnight nanny or Proxy Parent to look after your children in your absence.

Temporary Nanny Care Due to Accident

If you have injured yourself and require a short term nanny to help with day to day requirements of family life - then a JOVAservice temporary nanny can help with your needs. We will help with the children and household duties, so you can recover at your own pace and make a speedy recovery.

Maternity service

Our Maternity servie can provide Maternity Nurse services at very short notice and for any period of time required.Our Nurses are here to help with your new arrival/s, support moms post-partum and help mom and baby settle into a routine, provide night time care, assist with bottle feeding, bathing and many other aspects of newborn care. Having the knowledge, guidance along with hands on support. Our Nurse will provide, helps create confidence with new parents and with their newest addition as well as helping parents to establish solid routines.